Start a Fund

Donors with an interest in a particular topic area may choose to establish a restricted fund with APF. Restricted donations have a minimum donation amount and require a formal agreement outlining the purpose, administration, and management of the fund. The Board of Trustees has sole fiduciary responsibility for all APF funds.

Option One

Named Grants or Scholarships

A donor making a restricted gift may create a time-limited (up to 10 years) scholarship or grant in his or her name provided that the gift supports one of APF’s existing general priorities. These restricted gifts are limited to existing APF programming funding one of APF’s priority areas.

Option Two

New Funds

Donors who wish to fund a particular topic area not included in APF’s existing funding priorities may choose to establish a new fund. Proposed new programs are subject to approval by the APF Board of Trustees. In order to determine whether to accept a proposal, the following criteria will be examined:

  1. Does the proposed program deal with psychology?
  2. How does it fit APF’s current priorities?
  3. What unmet need or underserved area does the program address?
  4. What is its value for APF in terms of our mission, cost-benefit, and marketing/public relations?

Divisions of the American Psychological Association or other organizations affiliated with APA may also request to set up a new fund. Staff will work with any prospective donor, division, or organization to provide further details on process and requirements including minimum donation thresholds.

What Next?

To request further information or begin the process of establishing a named grant or scholarship or new fund please complete the form on this page and select “How to Start a Fund” from the options.

Interested in starting a new fund through a bequest to APF? Visit our Leave a Legacy page for more details on including APF in your estate planning.